Why Do Men Need to Use an Aftershave?Why Do Men Need to Use an Aftershave?


An aftershave, under the form that we know it today is usually a liquid/lotion or a gel. Aftershaves are mostly used by men in order to prevent infections from cuts that may occur on the skin while shaving. This is made possible because aftershaves contain an antiseptic element witch in most cases is alcohol. Although this function by itself is enough to classify an aftershave as a 'must' for every man, modern aftershaves have many more 'features' than just disinfection abilities.

First of all, all modern Aftershaves contain some kind of perfume. Whether or not we are talking about an expensive aftershave, it is almost 100% guaranteed that it contains perfume in order to enhance scent. As a matter of fact the perfume of modern aftershaves is possibly the most important characteristic of it; not only it greatly affects the price but it also becomes the first thing to think about when deciding what aftershave to buy. Actually, the perfume has such an importance on the aftershave product that many fashion designers will put their names on it. Typical examples of aftershaves with fashion designers names on them are Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger.

Apart from all the above, aftershaves also contain a moisturizer. The moisturizer is used to soften the skin after a fresh shave. This, of course is one more extra point for the aftershave. It clearly bends away from its initial purpose and adds up many elements that contribute to a better treatment of the freshly shaved skin.

Finally, the last marketing trick of Aftershaves is the packaging. Of course, we all know that packaging has nothing to do with the actual effects of the aftershave on the skin; but then again, we all love to have our personal 'accessories' packed in flashy, beautiful and easy to use packing. The majority of aftershaves are contained within glass bottles; what differs is the size, color, shape and capacity (always measured in ml).

Some of us might choose to buy an aftershave that will have a great perfume while some others will go for what they actually believe will serve them best. On the funny side, some will buy the one with the best looks or the one that they believe will last the longest. Whatever type you are, experimenting with different aftershave products will definitely help you to settle down at what you think is the best for you.

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